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Same BloX

Pea-Guy: DDR

Same Bugs

SopiSoft's Black Jack

Alien Destroyer

The Boxing Match

Snake Fest!

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 .: Cheatcodes :.
While playing press * to display the console window. Then type the following codes and press [Enter] to activate the corresponding cheat function. When you are done press * again to go back to the game.

Cheat codeResult
satanToggle God Mode
suicideCommit Suicide
wireboxToggle Wireframebox
wireworldToggle Wireframe Mode
hunt meAll enemies start hunting for Pea-Guy
give healthGet Full Health
give invincibilityGet Invincibility Upgrade
give doubledamageGet Double Damage Upgrade
give cloakGet Cloaking Device Upgrade
keys pleaseGet All Keys
kill allDestroy All Enemies
give little shootyGet Little Shooty
give double shootyGet Double Shooty
give rocket shootyGet Rocket Shooty
give electropulse shootyGet Electropulse Shooty
give scatter shootyGet Scatter Shooty
all weaponsGet All Weapons with full ammo (Note: Only Works when you have just the Sword)
all ammoGet Full Ammo
give ls ammoGet Little Shooty Ammo
give ds ammoGet Double Shooty Ammo
give rs ammoGet Rocket Shooty Ammo
give es ammoGet Electropulse Shooty Ammo
give ss ammoGet Scatter Shooty Ammo
give allGet all keys,upgrades and all weapons (Note: You only get all weapons when you have just the Sword)
nextGo to next part
goto part 2Go to Part 2
goto part 3Go to Part 3
goto part 4Go to Part 4
goto part 5Go to Part 5
goto part 6Go to Part 6
goto part 7Go to Part 7
goto part 8Go to Part 8
goto part 9Go to Part 9


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 Same BloX
 Pea-Guy: DDR

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 SopiSoft's Black Jack
 Same Bugs

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 Same BloX
 Pea-Guy: DDR
 Alien Destroyer
 The Boxing Match
 Snake Fest!

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June 12th 2005

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